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Green Prescription Programme

COVID-19 information: in-person Green Prescription appointments and walking groups continue under Alert Level 2
with appropriate physical distancing and public health guidelines in place. Please get in touch if you would prefer a phone consultation.

Some educational groups will continue to run if physical distancing and public health guidelines are met.
Your advisor will be in touch to let you know of any cancellations.

Please stay home if you are sick, and contact your Green Prescription advisor if you have any questions.

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What is Green Prescription?

Green Prescription is a six-month healthy lifestyle programme for adults. It is designed to support, inform, empower and provide community connections to nurture a healthy lifestyle. Green Prescription focuses on supporting behavioral change by establishing sustainable physical activity and nutritional habits.

Who would benefit?

People who are inactive: an inactive person is someone who does less than two and a half hours of moderate intensity physical activity throughout the week. You will know when you are doing moderate activity you will be breathing faster, your heart is beating a bit more and your body feels warmer but you can still hold a conversation.

If you are inactive and your medical conditions are stable, a Green Prescription can help with diabetes control, improve blood pressure and cholesterol, help reduce your need for medications, and assist with weight management, improve your general fitness, reduce your risk of cardiovascular complications, improve your wellbeing and improve your life expectancy.

What can you expect from the Green Prescription programme?

  • You will meet your Green Prescription advisor to discuss what you would like to achieve on this healthy lifestyle programme and together you set a plan in place that will work for you and your needs
  • Together with your advisor you will agree physical activity and nutritional changes that work for you and your circumstances
  • Your advisor will link you to physical activity options in your community or establish a homebased plan that will work for your lifestyle
  • We provide a service that will help you to keep on track, we will continue to support and encourage you over 6 months through follow up appointments, phone support and group sessions
  • We will provide feedback on your progress to your doctor at the completion of your programme

How do I get a Green Prescription?

Your doctor, practice nurse or midwife can refer you. Once we receive your referral from your GP practice, we will ring you and arrange a time for you to meet your advisor at one of our Green Prescription clinics.

Nāu mai haere mai ki ā koutou, we encourage you to bring a support person such as whanau or a friend to your initial consultation.


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Meet the Green Prescription Team

Larissa Cuff_Snippet

Larissa Cuff

Health Team Leader

021 023 79615


Pam Higson

GRx Advisor (WBOP)

027 706 7099

Lucy Horne_SNippet

Lucy Horne

GRx Advisor (WBOP)

027 554 1425

Jenagh Jenner_Snippet

Jenagh Jenner

GRx Advisor (WBOP)

021 871 284


Lena Kairau

Active Families Advisor (WBOP)

027 837 7351

Cathy Bell_Snippet

Cathy Bell

Active Families Advisor (EBOP)

027 702 2148


Julie Kingi

GRx Advisor (EBOP)

027 837 5221

Lizzy Horlock_Snppet

Lizzy Horlock

GRx Advisor (EBOP)/Maternal Coordinator

027 554 1401

Verina Wihongi_Snippet

Verina Wihongi

GRx Advisor (CBOP)

021 193 4767

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