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Disability Sport

Sport Bay of Plenty staff ensure school and community events have opportunities for people with a disability to participate and compete.

Our organisation advocates for inclusiveness so that more people can be more active more often, no matter what their abilities.


Halberg Foundation

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Our vision: An inclusive New Zealand
Our purpose: Enhancing the lives of physically disabled New Zealanders by enabling them to participate in sport and recreation.

The Halberg Foundation is a charitable organisation founded in 1963 by Olympic legend, Sir Murray Halberg (ONZ) on the belief that all people, regardless of their ability, should have equal opportunity to enhance their lives through sport and recreation. Since 1963, the Foundation has worked tirelessly to make Sir Murray's vision a reality for New Zealand's physically disabled people.

The core work of Halberg includes a team of regional Halberg Advisers throughout New Zealand. These dedicated and expert staff work with physically disabled young people and their families to get them involved in sports and recreation. They also collaborate with schools, local sport and recreation organisations, facilities and clubs to raise awareness and capability for the provision of inclusive sports programmes and events.

The Advisers deliver Halberg Inclusion Training - a course on adapting physical activity to include all New Zealanders in mainstream activities, events and programmes. The aim of the course is to increase knowledge and skills of teachers and sport deliverers to give them the confidence and resources to deliver quality sporting opportunities to all.

The Halberg Games is a national, three day sports competition for physically disabled and vision impaired young people aged eight - 21 years. Halberg hosts the sports festival which give the attendees the opportunity to compete against other young people with similar impairments and pursue further sports goals.

Halberg delivers leadership programmes including the Halberg Youth Council who provide the voice of physically disabled young people who support our regional and national activities. Halberg Manaakitanga is a Māori leadership programme to drive awareness and support activities at a regional level.

The Halberg Activity Fund provides grants to physically disabled young people (under 21 years) to help overcome the financial barriers that prevent them from participating in sport and recreation. These grants help pay for sports equipment, lessons and assistance at school camps.

By working with physically disabled people and the organisations which provide their sporting and recreational opportunities the Foundation seeks sustainable changes that will influence the growth of a more inclusive society.

“He waka eke noa, mō Aotearoa whānui”
We are all in this waka together, for all the people of New Zealand.


Parafed Bay Of Plenty

Parafed Bay of Plenty is a sports activity provider for people with physical disabilities in the Bay of Plenty. Our aim is to create opportunities for disabled people to play sport, socially and competitively, formally and informally. Parafed coordinate and communicate opportunities within the sector to provide the best possible pathways for athletes, coaches, officials and administrators. Whether you are looking to make friends, get fit or are looking for that first step on the way to the Paralympics, Parafed BOP should be your first point of call.

For information on Parafed Bay of Plenty, please visit their website


Special Olympics New Zealand

Special Olympics New Zealand offers a year-round programme of sports training and competition for children and adults with intellectual disabilities.

More than 7,000 athletes train and compete in 13 different Olympic-type summer and winter sports throughout New Zealand. Each year, Special Olympics New Zealand runs more than 200 events in over 40 towns and cities around the country. These events are supported by over 3000 volunteers and are facilitated through a network of Regional Sports Coordinators.

Special Olympics New Zealand is first and foremost a sports organisation but it provides athletes with far more than the physical benefits of sport. It’s about fun, friendships and team spirit; it’s about a feeling of belonging, and ultimately improving quality of life.

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Blind Sport New Zealand

Blind Sport NZ Inc is NZ’s National Disability Sport Organisation for Blind, Deafblind and low vision sport and physical recreation, charged with leading sport and recreation, charged with leading sport and recreation opportunity and driving participation in blind and low vision sport.

For more information on Blind Sport NZ, visit their website


Paralympics New Zealand

Paralympics New Zealand supports and encourages opportunities for disabled people to participate in sports, from regional, national and international levels. Sports are offered through a network of Regional Parafed Associations, National disabled & able-bodied Sports Organisations, clubs, coaches and individuals.

Paralympics New Zealand provides athletes and coaches access to international competitions, such as the Summer and Winter Paralympic Games and IPC World Championships. Click here for further information.

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