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Volunteering in the Bay of Plenty


Volunteers and the work they do makes sport and recreation possible in the Bay of Plenty.

Volunteers grow people's minds, skills and confidence. They inspire others to also give back and there is no doubt they make a positive difference to sport and recreation in the Bay of Plenty.

In New Zealand there are 1.2 million Kiwis who volunteer their time and skills every year. People who volunteer are important fixtures in our communities - they are the people who make things happen, ensure rules are followed, get teams to where they need to be, figure out logistics, solve problems and much more.

Volunteering comes in many forms and without those who give their time and effort throughout the region, many sport and active recreation groups, clubs, competitions and events would struggle to survive.

Many people benefit from the work of volunteers and this section of our website will provide information to help those in the sport and recreation sector of our community in finding and retaining volunteers.


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x3 May 2016