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2021 Bay of Plenty Physical Activity Insights

This document provides high-level insights into target communities across the Bay of Plenty region.


The 2021 Bay of Plenty Physical Activity Insights documents provides a snapshot into the physical activity behaviours of people from throughout the Bay of Plenty.

It looks at the top five ways people across the age groups are keeping active, the average amount of time they are spending being active, where people are keeping active as well as the attitudes people have towards physical activity and their motivations to keep active.

The document also covers the barriers people face in keeping active and the impacts of deprivation.

The Bay of Plenty has an ethnically diverse population - some areas in our region have a higher density of ethnicities than other regions throughout New Zealand. There are differences in physical activity levels
based on ethnic backgrounds. Working with diverse populations means we may have to tailor activities to align with cultural beliefs and preferences.


The 2021 Bay of Plenty Physical Activity Insights Document includes:

  • Information about our region and New Zealand landscape
  • Physical activity summaries for young people and adults
  • Community insights.
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*Information has been pulled from a variety of national and regional sources. These insights aim to support the delivery and development of more active communities.


Insights into participation in play, active recreation and sport

Active NZ is Sport NZ’s nationwide survey measuring participation in play, active recreation and sport from ages 5+

  • Continuous data collection sampled from the electoral roll
  • We highlight the differences and similarities between young people and adults
  • 2018 was the 2nd year of data collection following the re-designed survey, and the beginning of a new time series

2018 sample size

Nationally – 5595 Young people aged 5-17, 25150 Adults aged 18+

BOP region– 315 Young people aged 5-17, 1407 Adults aged 18 +

Sport Bay of Plenty has taken the Bay of Plenty data and created these two profiles:


Young People Profile

Young People Profile

Adults Profile

Adults Profile

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