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Green Prescription Whānau Based

If you are a current participant of Green Prescription Whānau Based please check our Facebook group for Covid-19 Protection Framework updates or get in touch with your advisor.

Children's Health Programme

Green Prescription Whānau Based (formerly Active Families) is a free programme to support, encourage, and motivate families to make healthier lifestyle choices by increasing their levels of physical activity and changing their eating habits. Duration of the programme is up to six months depending on the needs of the individual and their family. The programme is for children aged between 4 ½ and 18 years old.


How does it work?

We meet with participants at the Sport Bay of Plenty office or visit them in the community. Meetings are scheduled regularly (at least monthly) to track progress.

Face to face meetings focus on becoming more active, both individually and as a family. These include practical ideas, resources on what is available and a lot of encouragement and motivation to improve physical activity levels and eating habits. Goals are set at each session to work towards and focus on. Your child can be referred through your local GP, practice nurse or health professional.

What support will I get on the programme?

  • Monthly family meetings for up to six months to set goals, review progress and support you to make positive lifestyle changes.
  • Help with setting physical activity and healthy eating goals.
  • Lots of fun ideas on how to get active with your whanau / family plus the Green Prescription Whānau Based Advisor can help to link you with a variety of sporting and recreational groups in your area.
  • Information on free and affordable physical activity options for you to enjoy.
  • There are organized activity sessions with other families on the programme during school holidays encouraging families to be active together.
  • Encouragement to make changes to your current eating habits and provide affordable recipe ideas.
  • Support for your child and family to take ownership of their future health and wellbeing.

The Green Prescription Whānau Based Programme encourages the whole whanau to get involved through creating ongoing, enjoyable lifestyle changes to help you achieve a healthy and balanced way of life and a positive future! Talk to your GP now for further information.


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