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The Bay of Plenty Spaces and Places Strategy provides a high-level strategic framework for regional sport and recreation spaces and places (facility) planning in the Bay of Plenty region.

By working in a collaborative fashion, Sport Bay of Plenty, Sport New Zealand and the region’s territorial authorities have developed a strategic view of the regional priorities for future sport and recreation spaces and places.

The drivers for taking a regional approach to facility planning can be one or more of the following:

  • The desire of funders to invest wisely in identified priority projects that will make the most impact.
  • An ageing network of facilities needing refurbishment, re-purposing or replacement.
  • Changing demographics within a community, such as an increase in the population.
  • Changing participation trends nationally and within a region requiring new types of facilities, or a new use of an existing facility.
  • Rising expectations of users and user groups.
  • A growing acknowledgement that there is a hierarchy of facilities – regional, sub-regional and local – and that regional collaboration is the only fair and reasonable way to build and manage regional and sub-regional facilities.
  • The risks inherent in focussing on the “squeaky wheel” rather than addressing the real priorities within a region.

With the limited resources available it is not possible to meet all of the communities’ sport and recreation facility desires. Therefore, this strategy provides direction on what should be done and crucially, what should not be done in the region. It is intended that the strategy will provide a consistent approach to strategic decision making and ensure greater collaboration regarding sport and recreation facility planning and provision in the region.

To help achieve consistent, strategic decision making the Strategy sets out Decision Criteria and a Facility Investment Decision Making Process (see Section 6). The criteria and process are considered vital to determine the specific types of facilities required and regional and local investment priorities.

The Strategy also identifies known priority projects across the Bay of Plenty (over a 10-year period) along with actions to support implementation over the next one to three years.

To successfully implement the Strategy, the collaborative approach taken for the development of the Strategy will need to continue. With Sport Bay of Plenty and territorial authority leadership it is anticipated that community funders, Regional and National Sports Organisations, Education providers and sports and recreation clubs will be engaged and involved in achieving the region’s strategic sport and recreation priorities.

Bay of Plenty Spaces and Places Strategy Documents:

2021-2023 Strategy

Bay of Plenty Spaces & Places Reference Report

Bay of Plenty Spaces & Places Summary Report

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