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Sport Bay of Plenty is proud to be managing the Tū Manawa Active Aotearoa
on behalf of Sport NZ in our region


About the fund

Tū Manawa Active Aotearoa provides funding for programmes or projects delivering play, active recreation and sport experiences for tamariki and rangatahi. These may be new or already operating.

We know from research that there are some groups who are more at risk of missing out or being less active, including those living with a disability, in higher deprivation communities and girls and young women. Programmes or projects that reach these groups will be prioritised for funding.

Recommendations for potential applicants

Successful projects will aim to target children and young people that are not currently involved in any or much physical activity due to major barriers (such as cost, travel, exclusion, low confidence, etc.) and who would otherwise not be exposed to such activities without targeted efforts.

Those wanting to apply need to consider the following before applying:

  1. Which young people aren’t participating in existing opportunities?
  2. Why don’t these appeal or what is stopping them from engaging in these (I.e. what specific barriers do they face)?
  3. What activities would they want to participate in but don’t have access to (either demand related or because of high barriers to participation)

Applicants need to provide evidence of a ‘participant voice’ in order to demonstrate that the young people that are missing out are genuinely interested in doing the proposed activity. In other words – applicants should make an effort to ask young people the above questions and provide this information as part of their application.

We recommend potential applicants read the below information and documents before applying

What funding is available?

Sport Bay of Plenty is administering the Tū Manawa Active Aotearoa Fund on behalf of Sport New Zealand. This administrative model enables us to drive outcomes for our communities based on the needs of tamariki and rangatahi from the Bay of Plenty region.

The total funding pool available in the Bay of Plenty is $1,192,086.00 which is allocated by Sport New Zealand based on national data and statistics. Tū Manawa Active Aotearoa is then split between the Fast Fund pool and Major Fund pool.

Funding rounds Funding for the Tū Manawa Active Aotearoa Fast Fund has been exhausted. More funds may be announced on the Sport Bay of Plenty website in January 2021. Round 2: January 2021
Total for Bay of Plenty region $192,086 $1 million
Max $ amount per application Up to $10,000 Up to $60,000
Approval process Assessed by an internal Sport Bay of Plenty committee. Assessed by an external decision-making committee.
Project timeframes Funds paid approximately two weeks after approval Round 1 funds paid on 1 Nov 2020 | Round 2 funds paid on 1 March 2020
Fund aims The Fast Fund is intended to help play, active recreation and sport providers in the Bay of Plenty overcome barriers that prevent them from delivering great physical activity opportunities to children and young people. Funding from this pool is available up to $10,000 to support things like equipment purchases, facility hire, transport costs or other goods and services. The Major Fund is targeted at larger scale projects, and provides funding for existing or new projects and programmes that will improve the physical activity opportunities for children and young people. This funding will have a particular focus on projects or programmes that reach those living in higher deprivation areas, girls and young women aged 5 to 24, and disabled tamariki and rangatahi aged 5 to 18.

Please note that your application must be for a programme or project for up to 12 months (i.e. you cannot apply for costs past a 12-month delivery period).

Application closing dates

Fast Fund: Funding for the Tū Manawa Active Aotearoa Fast Fund has been exhausted. More funds may be announced in January 2021.

Major Fund: Round 2 - Round 2 open January, 2021.

Supporting play, active recreation and sport

To align with national consistency and modelling, Sport Bay of Plenty has an obligation to fund play, active recreation and sport projects to a minimum percentage of total funding available as per below:

Tu Manawa funding allocation percentages for play, active recreation and sport

Who can apply?

Please use the diagram below to see if you are eligible to apply.

Tū Manawa Eligability Diagram 002_PNG

If you want to apply but do not have legal status, we recommend you consider partnering with a qualifying (legal) entity.

Examples of who can apply

  • Hapū, Iwi, Marae, Māori organisations
  • Primary/Intermediate schools/Kura
  • Secondary schools/Wharekura
  • Tertiary Education/Whare Wānanga
  • Charitable Trusts
  • Regional or Local Councils
  • Incorporated Societies
  • For-profit businesses/commercial organisations and social enterprises

Examples of who cannot apply

  • National organisations who already receive Partnership Investment from Sport NZ
  • Government agencies and their regional branches (e.g. Ministry of Health, Oranga Tamariki)
  • Early Learning Services
  • Professional or semi-professional sports teams and organisations
  • Individuals

What can be funded?

Tū Manawa Active Aotearoa is an activation fund to help cover programme or service delivery costs. This includes costs of:

  • Programme or project delivery (e.g. venue or equipment hire, transport to event)
  • Equipment (as part of a programme or project)
  • Officials, where these are required for the delivery
  • Delivery staff wages (e.g. activity leader, coordinator)

More information

Please read the documents below to understand everything you need to know before applying. Further information will be available in the coming weeks.

Tū Manawa guidelines

Tū Manawa Guidelines


Tū Manawa Factsheet

Tū Manawa Factsheet


Tū Manawa vs Community Resilience Fund

Tū Manawa vs Community Resilience Fund


Frequently Asked Questions - Tū Manawa

Tū Manawa FAQs


How to apply

Before starting your application please read the Tū Manawa Active Aotearoa Guidelines and the documents under ‘More information’.

Applications for Round 1 of the Tū Manawa Active Aotearoa Major Fund are now closed.

Funding for the Tū Manawa Active Aotearoa Fast Fund has been exhausted.

More funds for the Fast Fund may be announced in January 2021 on the Sport Bay of Plenty website.


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