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Volunteer Recognition and Retention

Volunteer recognition and retention

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Help make your volunteers feel part of the team - volunteer recognition can be done in multiple ways, and it’s not just about recognising the number of hours a volunteer works.

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A simple ‘thank you’ can go a long way.

Volunteers who feel appreciated, and who have an experience that fulfils their motivations may remain committed to volunteering for a longer time.

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What other behaviours or attributes would you like to recognise?


Do you have a volunteer who is willing to help out in any or multiple roles? Be sure to recognise the multitude of ways they help, not just their most visible work or their official role.

Acknowledge a volunteer’s ongoing commitment to learning and training, and where possible, support them to gain official qualifications.

Team players
Clubs are like villages that require everyone to work together to ensure your community thrives. Consider running a ‘team player’ award recognising the hard work of those behind the scenes.


Do you have a volunteer who wears the uniform with pride? Volunteers can play a vital role in promoting your club to the wider community and recruiting more members. Celebrate those volunteers who act as club ambassadors and you’ll encourage more people to do the same.

Participation in sport, active recreation and play is constantly evolving. Do you have a volunteer that’s come up with a great idea to improve your programmes? Recognise their efforts and you’ll also help foster an innovative culture at your club that helps you grow by keeping pace with what participants want and need.

All contributions
Are you acknowledging all efforts or just long-term volunteers? Remember – many people nowadays are looking for greater flexibility in their volunteer commitments, so it’s important to ensure you’re honouring those smaller or shorter-term contributions as well.




Below is a list of downloadable templates and resources that can help with volunteer recognition and retention.

Download Aktive Auckland’s volunteer management toolkit for great tips and ideas about finding and looking after the people who help your club thrive.

Aktive Auckland volunteer management toolkit

Volunteering New Zealand also offers loads of tools to help organisations develop their volunteer programmes.

Volunteering New Zealand tools


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