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The Sport Bay of Plenty BayTrust Coaching Passport portal allows coaches to keep an accurate and up-to-date record of their coach development and continuous learning.


It is now recognised world-wide that a coach’s development is a lifelong journey of on-going learning and development. A philosophy of continuous learning of multiple aspects of the coaching landscape has now become the norm. The Coaching Passport allows you to keep a record of this learning.

The Coaching Passport allows you:

  • To keep a record of this learning electronically, so you know what you have attended
  • The ability to print the record when applying for coaching positons and jobs
  • The ability to stay connected to all coach development activity in the BOP.
  • Ease of use with a phone app, which swipes your allocated tag and automatically uploads your information into your profile.
  • Alignment to Sport NZ Coaching Strategy and National Sporting Organisation qualifications.
  • Collaboration with Sport Bay of Plenty and Regional Sporting Organisation BayTrust CoachForce Officers.

What does it look like?

It has four areas of activity that can be recorded:

  • Formal Qualifications (coaching courses aligned to your NSO)
  • Informal Opportunities (coach development opportunities not aligned to your NSO ie: SBOP Development Coach Advance programme)
  • Research and Data (from reading key articles, books, published coaching papers, exploring coaching careers, exploring coaching philosophies and other coaching information)
  • Experiential opportunities (working alongside others, observing, being mentored).

It also has four other descriptor tabs taken from the Sport NZ Coaching Strategy:

  • Foundation (working with younger persons in the Primary School Space and beginner adults)
  • Developing (working with older children and youth in the secondary school space and adult improvers)
  • Performance (working with representative athletes and programmes at District and National levels)
  • High Performance (working with international athletes and teams).

How does it work?

As a coach, you can register your interest with your BayTrust CoachForce officer or register online (please see right).

You will then be allocated a Passport Tag and upon attendance at any workshop with the Coach Force officer, your tag can be scanned with an app on their phone which logs your attendance and updates your records.

The formal qualifications can only be entered by your regional CoachForce Officer or National Sporting Organisation, after attendance at workshops and the other three areas can all be filled in by yourself upon completion of a development opportunity.

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