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We're supporting schools and kura to improve child and youth wellbeing through healthy eating and quality physical activity.

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What is Healthy Active Learning?

Healthy Active Learning is a joint initiative from Sport New Zealand, Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health. The initiative is part of a $47.6 million government investment from the 2019 Wellbeing Budget, and aims to improve the wellbeing of children and young people as part of the government's Child and Youth Wellbeing Strategy.

On the ground Sport Bay of Plenty is working alongside Toi Te Ora Public Health and education providers to improve the wellbeing of children and young people through healthy eating and drinking and quality physical activity. In 2020, the first phase of the initiative in the Bay of Plenty is being rolled out to schools in the Rotorua region.

The initiative is based on evidence showing children's nutrition and physical activity are linked to both academic achievement and improved physical and mental health.

A principal's perspective on creating an active school environment

A teacher's perspective on creating an active school environment

Watch more videos from the Play.Sport pilot which has now morphed into Healthy Active Learning.

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About the initiative

There are three components to Healthy Active Learning which, individually and collectively, will help support healthy and active learning in schools and kura.

Curriculum resources

New health and physical education (HPE) and hauora curriculum resources are being developed by the Ministry of Education and curriculum experts to enhance understanding and delivery of HPE and physical activity initiatives.

Toolkits & a health promotion workforce

The Ministry of Health is supporting the development of a toolkit to help all early learning services and schools create a healthy food and drink environment. In Rotorua, Toi Te Ora Public Health has a health promotion workforce to help schools and early learning services develop healthy food and water-only (and plain milk) educational environments.

A physical activity workforce

Sport Bay of Plenty, with the support of Sport New Zealand, has employed healthy active learning advisors. Our advisors are working alongside school leaders and teachers to enhance the provision of play, sport and physical education, and to create better connections with physical activity providers in their local communities.

Read more about the national initiative


Rotorua schools involved in 2020


St Marys Catholic School

John Paul College


Waikite Valley





Reporoa College

Rotorua Intermediate







Upper Atiamuri


Seventh Day Adventist


Western Heights

Mokoia Intermediate




Bethlehem College Chapman

Kaingaroa Forest

Lake Rerewhakaitu

Whangamarino School


Meet our Healthy Active Learning team

Please contact our Tamariki Lead if you would like to discuss how your school/kura can be involved.

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Debbie Garea

Tamariki Lead

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Amy McMahon

Healthy Active Learning Advisor
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Healthy Active Learning Advisor
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Kimiora Insley

Healthy Active Learning Advisor
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Healthy Active Learning Community Connector


Staff - Megan Kusabs

Megan Kusabs

Healthy Active Learning Community Connector

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Cameron Grieve

Community Schools Connector

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