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Tū Manawa Active Aotearoa 2021 - Approved Projects

Wednesday, June 2, 2021

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A total of 78 projects around the Bay of Plenty have been approved as part of the first year of the Tū Manawa Active Aotearoa Fund for the 2020-21 financial year.

Tū Manawa Active Aotearoa provides funding for new and existing programmes or projects delivering play, active recreation and sport experiences for tamariki and rangatahi. Tū Manawa replaced and improved on Sport NZ’s Kiwisport Regional Partnership Fund. Where Kiwisport only focused on organised sport, Tū Manawa also funds play and active recreation. It also has a distinct assessment process for Kaupapa Māori organisations.

In the first year the fund placed emphasis on sport, recreation and play projects that engaged tamariki and rangatahi who have been missing out on typical physical activity opportunities. Research showed these groups included girls and young women, disabled people, those in higher deprivation communities and a slightly higher age bracket of young women aged 19 to 24.

Sport Bay of Plenty CEO Heidi Lichtwark says having over $1 million in funding available to the Bay of Plenty over the past 12 months has been a great opportunity to support those most impacted by COVID-19 by providing opportunities for them to enjoy the benefits of being physically active.

A list of approved projects for 2022-21, as at June 1, 2021, can be found below. They include 32 sport-related projects, 28 recreation-related projects and 18 play-related projects. The total Year 1 allocation was $1,191,086.00.


Eastern Bay of Plenty Projects:

Central Bay of Plenty Projects:

Western Bay of Plenty Projects:

Bay of Plenty Projects:

Whakatane Blue Light Ventures: $8469.79 (Active Recreation)
Kawerau Blue Light Ventures Inc: $5453.94 (Active Recreation)
Opotiki Bowling Club Inc: $2260.00 (Active Recreation)
Apanui School/EBOPPSSA: $60,000.00 (Active Recreation)
Te Kura o Te Whanau Apanui: $60,000.00 (Active Recreation)
Tihirau Victory Club: $60,000.00 (Active Recreation)
Whakatane High School: $12,000.00 (Active Recreation)
Te Kura o Te Whanau Apanui: $10,000.00 (Play)
Matata Public School: $9324.80 (Play)
Whakatane District Youth Council: $10,000.00 (Play)
Find Your fish Movement: $10,000.00 (Play)
Matata Bluelight Ventures Inc: $3000.00 (Play)
Te Ao Hou Trust: $5000.00 (Play)
Waiotahi Opotiki Table Tennis Club: $1500.00 (Sport)
Te Kura o Te Paroa: $8429.20 (Sport)
Upper Central Zone NZRL Inc: $8000.00 (Sport)
Upper Central Zone NZRL Inc: $34,000.00 (Play)
Kutarere School: $5000.00 (Play)
Ashbrook School: $3500.00 (Active Recreation)
TKKM o Te Matai: $5250.00 (Sport)
Upper Central Zone NZRL Inc: $13,000.00 (Sport)
Opotiki District Council: $48,606.10 (Play)
Bay of Plenty Golf Incorporated: $4000.00 (Sport)


Total amount of year 1 funding approved for EBOP: $386,793.83

Ko Te Tuara Totara O Fordlands: $7990.00 (Sport)
The Wall: $9000.00 (Active Recreation)
Mihi School: $9650.00 (Active Recreation)
Rotorua Specialist School (Kea Street School): $5269.55 (Active Recreation)
Rotorua Specialist School (Kea Street School): $3208.00 (Active Recreation)
Aorangi School: $5905.00 (Active Recreation)
Rotorua and District Principals’ Association: $60,000.00 (Active Recreation)
The StarJam Charitable Trust: $12,206.04 (Active Recreation)
Rotoiti Sports & Community Association: $6,216.53 (Active Recreation)
Rotorua School: $9050.00 (Active Recreation)
Rotorua School for Young Parents: $10,000.00 (Active Recreation)
Whakarewarewa School: $2000.00 (Play)
Tuakiri Charitable Trust: $4000.00 (Sport)
Sunset Primary School: $10,000.00 (Sport)
Reporoa College: $5000.00 (Sport)
Waikite Valley school: $2428.25 (Sport)
Rotorua District Riding for the Disabled Association: $9000.00 (Active Recreation)
Te Waiariki Purea Trust: $15,000.00 (Sport)
Kimiora Community Trust: $10,000.00 (Active Recreation)
WaiBop Football: $15,000.00 (Sport)
Mihi School: $9400.00 (Sport)
Rotorua United AFC: $14,444.37 (Sport)
Rotorua Girls' High School: $13,000.00 (Active Recreation)
Kaingaroa Forest School: $2000.00 (Play)
Kaharoa School: $1782.00 (Play)
Ngongotaha School: $14,245.90 (Play)
Owhata Primary School: $2310.00 (Play)


Total amount of year 1 funding approved for CBOP: $268,105.64

Omokoroa Women's Sports Club Inc: $10,000.00 (Sport)
Bay Venues Limited: $13,461.00 (Active Recreation)
Sam's Skate School: $8000.00 (Active Recreation)
Hibiscus Surf School Ltd: $8838.00 (Active Recreation)
Western Bay of Plenty Principals' Association: $60,000.00 (Active Recreation)
Tātai Ora Charitable Trust: $60,000.00 (Active Recreation)
Fun With Sports Ltd t/a Kelly Sports Tauranga: $9,381.34 (Active Recreation)
Bay Venues Limited: $24,004.00 (Play)
Te Kura O Te Moutere O Matakana: $4,719.90 (Sport)
Waihi Beach Tennis Club Incorporated: $930.00 (Sport)
Brookfield School: $5000.00 (Sport)
Pongakawa School: $9,759.29 (Sport)
Arataki Primary: $8000.00 (Sport)
Gate Pā School: $18,000.00 (Sport)
Greerton Village School: $30,000.00 (Sport)
Tauranga Hockey Association Incorporated: $60,000.00 (Sport)
Tauranga Boys' College: $12,090.80 (Sport)
Youth Encounter Ministries Trust: $4800.00 (Active Recreation)
Fun With Sports Ltd t/a Kelly Sports Tauranga: $5000.00 (Active Recreation)
Tauranga City Basketball: $15,000.00 (Sport)
Tauranga Girls' College: $14,475.00 (Sport)
Waihi Beach School: $47,065.10 (Play)
Tauranga Triathlon: $9662.10 (Play)


Total amount of year 1 funding approved for WBOP: $438,186.53

Bay of Plenty Cricket Association: $8000.00 (Sport)
Parafed Bay of Plenty Incorporated: $60,000.00 (Sport)
Bay of Plenty Badminton Association Inc: $15,000.00 (Sport)
Volleyball Bay of Plenty Incorporated: $15,000.00 (Sport)


Total amount of year 1 funding approved for BOP: $98,000

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