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The Sport Bay of Plenty Development Coach Advance (SBOP DCA) Programme gives development coaches, who are dedicated to continuous learning, an organised programme that will assist them on their journey to build effective and sustainable coaching practices.

Our guiding philosophy is “As coaches, we ask our athletes to change and grow (be continuous learners), so as coaches we should expect this of ourselves”.

The SBOP DCA programme is not an award where one passes or fails, but it is our mission is to develop and inspire coaches to become continuous learners for life.

The key priorities of the 18-month programme are:

  • OPPORTUNITIES – to create opportunities for coaches to continuously learn
  • CONNECTIONS – to develop and enhance collaboration between Bay of Plenty coaches
  • CAPABILITY – to grow confidence and capabilities of coaches so that they can provide effective and sustainable coaching practices
  • COACH FOCUSED – to ensure that the coach is at the heart of their continuous learning journey.

We look forward to supporting our Bay of Plenty coaches on this exciting learning journey and believe that the opportunities provided will build confidence and knowledge, enabling them to grow their coaching practices.

Click here to view the DCA Framework & Itinerary.

What will we provide to meet these objectives?

  • Eight two-hour workshops over 18 months, targeting destinations that will meet the needs of developing coaches
  • Resources and tools as and when required
  • An official Canterbury SBOP DCA shirt
  • A closed Facebook page for coaches to connect and collaborate across the codes and the region
  • Structured opportunities for reflection after learnings
  • Support and guidance by Community Coach Advisor and CoachForce staff
  • Invitations to all relevant SBOP workshops
  • Free access to the new SBOP Coaching Passport so coaches can track their learnings; formal or other.
  • End of programme dinner with programme coaches.

How do I apply for the SBOP DCA?

Applications for the 2018 programme are closed and applicants for the 2019 programme will be sought in February.

Coaches can applying for the programme must commit to the following criteria prior and throughout the journey:

  • Show a commitment to learning
  • Are currently coaching older children/youth in the secondary school space and/or adult athletes
  • Are endorsed by their relevant Club/Centre/RSO
  • Are themselves aligned to their RSO / NSO
  • Have an commitment to attend 80% or more of the workshops during their 18-month journey (See SBOP DCA Itinerary for details)
  • Have made payment in full for the $120 programme fee
  • Have a growth mindset.

SBOP DCA is proudly supported by the BayTrust CoachForce programme.


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