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Paul Pou, Youth Team Leader, Sport Bay of Plenty
Mayor Island Leadership Camp

It’s 6.00 am Sunday 28th February and the day has finally arrived; it’s time to get ready for our departure to Mayor Island for the self-leadership camp, a great opportunity for 18 youth from around the Bay of Plenty.

Excitement fills the air as more youth arrive at Pier J/15. Teamwork will be a big feature of the next five days and we work together to load the boat with luggage, chilly bins, kayaks and snorkelling gear. Our trusty vessel is the 36 foot catamaran Mata Rua and as the final passengers board we do final head count to ensure we haven’t left anyone behind. Read more >

Youth Engagement Participants Feedback

Abbie, 18

The Youth Engagement Programme has changed my life. I am no longer locked up in my room and sitting at home doing nothing. I am out exercising, socialising and learning. I am now gaining my NCEA Level 1. I have also gained more confidence in myself and pushing myself out of my comfort zone. I am now facing my anxiety instead of running away.

The Youth Programme has changed my life completely. I can now be around people socially. It has been the best thing to happen to me.

Claudia, 21

Through the Youth Engagement Programme I have learnt to be more confident around people. I’m still learning, but I have improved a lot. Just being around people makes me happy because I’m a social person. It keeps me motivated and I enjoy helping people that come in and see them improve.

The support I get is awesome and I am grateful that they helped me get a job and keep me going with my study and life. Just having them (Paul and Cam) in my life has been a big support for me. I feel like our youth team has become a big family.

Joseph, 24

The Youth Engagement Programme had a big impact on my life. Before I was on the programme I had a hard time leaving the house and I couldn’t even talk to people.

The Youth Programme helped me get the bond back with my son and they have helped me get over the fear of talking to people. If it wasn’t for Paul Pou and Cameron Andrews and the rest of the youth team I wouldn’t be who I am today.

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