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Primary & Intermediate School Sport


The primary and intermediate school environment is the first structured opportunity young people have to participate in a variety of sports.

Our vision is to nurture an equitable and inclusive environment for children to build a lifelong love of sport and physical activity through positive and meaningful experiences.

What services do we provide primary and intermediate schools?

  • We coordinate quality sport provision, ensuring opportunities and positive experiences that will increase the participation level of all primary school students in sport. Sport Bay of Plenty coordinates, facilitates, and manages organised sport and provide schools with access to all events.
  • We provide leadership for and deliver support to all primary and intermediate schools through quality sport initiatives and programmes such as the GO4it Fundamental skills programme.
  • We promote, profile and advocate for primary school sport events and programmes through positive, effective partnerships with all stakeholders
  • We report to a Principals Steering Group (PSG) and school sport delegates on a termly basis.

Terms of Participation

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2018 Terms of Participation
All those involved in primary/intermediate school sport (students, teachers, coaches, officials, spectators) have the right to enjoy their sport in a healthy positive environment, which values above all else, respect for fair play principles in sport.

Players, coaches and supporters are reminded that the highest levels of sportsmanship, fair play and conduct are expected in relation to opposition players, coaches and officials.This constitution is the basis of the policy and guidelines to protect the above.

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Meet the Primary and Intermediate School Sport Team

Gareth Yates

School Sport Team Leader (interim) | Youth Team Leader

027 836 4006

Buddy Meyer

Primary School Sport Director (WBOP)

027 474 6068

Melissa Gordon

Primary School Sport Director (CBOP)

027 612 7456

Exia Edwards

Primary School Sport Director (EBOP)

027 222 5304

Debbie Garea

Fundamentals Advisor

027 487 5377


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