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Water quality a focus for Regional Council

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Water preservation

Preserving the Bay of Plenty's water, including the quality of waterways in outdoor recreational sites, is a priority for Bay of Plenty Regional Council.

Regional Council has allocated a 2018/19 budget of $46m for water management work in its Long Term Plan 2018-28 consultation document which is due for adoption by 30 June.

That budget is spread across a range of on-ground action, science, planning, and policy work, to improve and protect the water in local rivers, streams, lakes and underground aquifers.

Bay of Plenty Regional Council Chairman Doug Leeder says, “Everyone has a role to play in caring for the water that sustains us; from fixing leaks, and using drains only for rain, to making good choices about infrastructure investment, land use, and business practices.

“We’ve got more work to do on fencing, planting, wetland restoration and other on-ground action, but most of the easy wins are already being delivered.

"The emerging water management challenges and regulatory framework we’re now dealing with are incredibly complex. Investment in good science, modelling and stakeholder engagement, along with public infrastructure upgrades, will be crucial to securing clean waterways we can all be proud of in the long term."

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