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Friday, May 17, 2019

We all remember being active as a child, but why is the trend for us to steadily become less active as we get older?

It’s human nature for us to lean on the barriers that stop us from being active: “I don’t have the time,” “I’m too tired,” or “I’m not good enough to do that anymore.” But to get over those barriers, it helps to flip them upside down and look at why, when we were younger, we enjoyed taking part in sport and recreation.

Getting back on that horse
When I think of being active as a kid I most strongly remember having fun. It’s at the heart of my memories of playing games and sport. Those activities were fun because I was doing it with friends, it presented a challenge and often it gave me an opportunity to explore a new place or activity.

Motu Dunes Trail_web

But I did go through a period in my life, especially as a new mother, that I struggled to fit in physical activity. I quickly jumped in with excuses and could justify why I wasn’t taking part in anything. Before long I lost confidence and felt that I couldn’t compete at a level that others could.
However, after a period of time, I found the motivation to get back into cycling and have never looked back! What was that motivation? Fun. I cycle now for the company, the chance to catch up with friends and because it gives me a challenge and a sense of achievement as I keep extending my goals of what I hope to accomplish. Additionally, it is a fantastic way to explore our beautiful country and experience new adventures!

Quality experiences also count
If we further analyse ‘why we want to go back for more’ when it comes to being active, it comes down to quality experiences. It’s important that any experience is memorable, but for the right reasons. Positive and memorable experiences will have us seeking more.

When it comes to physical activity, we like to know that it is well organised, it’s safe to participate and that the person facilitating it knows what they are doing. But most importantly we want to know that it will be fun.

Being active is a skill for life
Learning to be active for life is important, just as reading and writing is a learned skill. We need to ensure we all have the physical skills, motivation and confidence to value an ongoing commitment to being active.

Here at Sport Bay of Plenty we understand that you may need support to get active again, and we’re here to help! If you need some one-on-one help, we offer a programme called Green Prescription. Ask your GP for a referral.

Alternatively, if you are just looking for sport and recreation options in your region, particularly ones that have the ‘fun factor, then check out our online Get Involved Directory. Grab a friend and try something new!

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