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Temp Commercial Activities on Reserves Policy

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Temp Commercial Activities on Reserves Policy

On the 26th of March 2013 the Temporary Commercial Activities on Reserves Policy was adopted by Council's Strategy and Policy Committee. The new Policy replaced the Commercial Activities on Reserve Land Policy which was last updated in August 2004.

The new Policy restricts the number of mobiles shops that can operate on 15 selected Council reserves, many of which are Active Reserves. To operate a mobile shop on any of these reserves, mobile shop operators must tender for a licence. The Policy was publicly consulted on.

With regard to the tendered process, the Policy contains the following statement:

        "Other users of the reserves such as sports clubs – would also be consulted as part of the tender processes. The weighted attributes evaluation method includes enhance of visitor experience and relevance to site as a key attribute".

On 22 April 2013 Elected Members directed staff to meet with mobile shop operators to clarify concerns that the Policy did not allow the number of car parks required by some operators. A meeting was held with Council staff and a number of mobile shop operators on 13 June to discuss this issue. At the meeting a number of other issues were raised  including the requirement to obtain a tender to operate on reserves. While they recognise that it may be necessary to have a tender process for Blake Park, they ideally would like the Policy to be amended   whereby instead of having a tender process, the restrictions on numbers would still apply but it would be a first come first serve basis operated in all identified reserves except for Blake Park . This would effectively mean that with the exception of Blake Park, there would be no consultation with Sports Groups as to which mobile vendors can operate on each reserve.

The outcomes of the meeting are being reported back and direction sought on various options associated with the identified issues to the Strategy and Policy Committee on the 9th of July. You are invited to attend this meeting which commences at 1pm.

If you have any concerns or require further information please contact either Stephanie Kelly, Recreation Planner or Steve Webb, Team Leader: Parks Operations at Tauranga City Council. (07) 5777000

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