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Teaching Resources for the Commonwealth Games released

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

The Commonwealth Games start on the Gold Coast on April 4th and run during the last two weeks of Term 1.

To make the most of this great sporting event, NZOC have released new teaching and learning resources to engage intermediate and secondary school students. New Zealand will have about 250 athletes competing on the Gold Coast, and hopes are high for some fantastic results.

silver fern

For the first time Social Studies resources have been created, aimed at students in Years 7 - 10, but able to be adapted for senior primary use as well. They are designed in the following themes - Sustainability, Destiny, Diversity, NZ Excellence, Venue Gold Coast, History, Geography, plus Medals and Mascots. With the values of the Commonwealth Games,being Humanity, Equality, and Destiny they are a great fit for teaching and learning in the Social Sciences area.

NZOC have also an exciting new Phys. Ed. resource called Games of the Commonwealth. This has games played by children in 20 different Commonwealth countries, and is based on the inquiry question: "What can we learn about a country from the games they play?" The resource has been aimed at students aged 8 - 12, but the games vary in skill level and difficulty, so there is considerable flexibility for teachers.

The Commonwealth Games will be screened free to air on TVNZ, and there is already growing interest as our athletes are being named. Make the most of this topical and accessible sporting extravaganza by clicking this link to be taken to the resource website.

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