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Tauranga Boys' College Mud Challenge

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Tauranga Boys' College is fundraising for their rugby programme by running a mud challenge on Sunday 26 August.

All money will go directly towards reducing the cost to college families and to improving the rugby programme as a whole to ensure a positive experience for all involved.

TBC mud run website

A current barrier to participation in a physical activity is the financial cost to families, and rugby in particular deals with families from all socio-economic backgrounds due to the nature of our sport. A number of Tauranga Boys' College families struggle to meet the financial demands of being involved and simply 'drop out'. Many of the college's families also have more than one son involved and therefore the cost is doubled or even tripled for some.

Tauranga Boys' College Rugby endeavours to mitigate this by creating a 'Hardship fund' where costs can be subsidised or paid in full for those students who display the traits of a 'good man' both on and off the field. Money should not be a reason for the boys (and families) to miss out on the opportunities that the Tauranga Boys' College Rugby Programme has to offer.

Money raised from this event will go directly into this Hardship fund.

What: Tauranga Boys' College Mud Challenge

When: Sunday 26 August - registrations open at 11:30am

Where: The Start/Finish area will be at Pahoia Domain, a 20 minute drive north of Tauranga.


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