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Tai Chi for strength and balance

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Tai Chi

Taoist Tai Chi is great for everyone, whether they are fit and healthy or have specific health conditions or restrictions.

The Bay of Plenty Branch of the Taoist Tai Chi Society is delighted to be working with the Sport Bay of Plenty Tauranga based ‘Keep on your Feet’ Programme and making their weekly Thursday Health Recovery Class available to older adults who might be at risk of falling over or who want to maintain or retain their strength and balance.

John Fletcher of the Taoist Tai Chi Society says that many members have joined because they want to maintain physical movement as they get older. Others come along because of the aches, pains and long term injuries often stemming from an active physically demanding lifestyle. People don’t want to give up moving and exercise just because they have injuries or sore bodies and Taoist Tai Chi is a perfect way to encourage patterns and habits of moving more rather than less.

The regular practice of Taoist Tai Chi involves deep stretching with a full range of motion and continuous turning of the spine. This exercises the whole physiology, including the tendons, joints, connective tissue and internal organs. Rather than depending on tension and the development of hard muscle tissue, this helps develop a body that is relaxed, balanced and strong at the deepest levels.
While the movements of Tai Chi seem very gentle and graceful at the same time they contain much power and internal strength. With regular practice, Tai Chi improves balance by strengthening muscles and co-ordination; at the same time, it strengthens the mind, thereby improving calmness and confidence in not falling. Thus, both physically and mentally, Tai Chi is an extremely effective exercise for fall prevention.

With benefits beyond the purely physical, Taoist Tai Chi is a practice that helps to develop a mind that is calm, clear and resilient along with a spirit that is light, peaceful. When body, mind and spirit work together in harmony this enables practitioners to age in a healthier way.

The Health Recovery Class runs from 10.30am – Midday every Thursday at 15 Koromiko Street in Judea. With trained and accredited instructors and a friendly, thriving and sociable membership now is a great time to come and experience Taoist Tai Chi. Your first class is free so we encourage people to come down, give it a go and discover the benefits for yourself.

For more information about the Health Recovery Class, contact John Fletcher
Phone: 07 576 9836 or 022 303 5803

For more information about Keep on your Feet click here.

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