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SURVEY | Community and club sport

Friday, December 14, 2018

There’s a long history to community and club sport in our region, but we know that these areas need support. That’s why in 2019 and beyond we are looking to hear from you all.

What does your sport club mean to you? Community sport is still thriving in the Bay of Plenty and is a key part of what make our region an attractive place to live and play. We have clubs dating back well over 100 years, and these clubs continue to offer our communities a sense of home and pride year in year out. It is not just the old clubs that are strong, however. Each year new clubs and new sporting opportunities are becoming established and adding to an already very diverse sporting landscape.

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Over time society has been faced with many challenges, but the thing that continues to exist and survive is club sport. What that looks like and how it is delivered may have changed, but the foundations of club sport still exist. For this to continue clubs still need to be innovative and listen to their members to ensure they are providing the best possible environment for sport to happen. If this mind-set is understood and adopted, community sport will continue to thrive for hundreds of years to come.

We want to hear from you
We need your feedback to inform us on the areas you need the most support with - be it funding knowledge, health and safety, club planning … The options are endless and although we know every club’s individual needs will be different, there will no doubt be some common themes amongst the sport environment.
We also want to understand how you would like the support delivered. Is it in a workshop environment, or is it via a live webinar? Technology opens up a whole new load of opportunities for us all.

The life of a volunteer is tough, and we know and empathise with the workload volunteers are already experiencing. Without volunteers our clubs would simply not exist. With this in mind the last thing we want to do is create a bigger workload for volunteers, so your feedback in this area will guide us on how to best deliver support in 2019 and beyond. Strong clubs build strong communities so please give us your feedback to ensure we continue to strengthen the community sport environment in the Bay of Plenty.

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