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SportsTalk: The family that plays together

Wednesday, September 27, 2017


In a crowded sporting marketplace, squash is a clear front-runner when it comes to finding a family and couple-friendly activity.

It is not reliant on weather, there are programmes for all ages and abilities, and pretty much every club has a bar – what more could you ask for?

When I was a kid in the 1980s, there weren’t many options at school when it came to sport. Basically it was netball for girls and rugby or soccer for boys.

If you went to a larger school in the city, a few more options opened up. I remember moving from my tiny school in South Canterbury to the busy metropolis of Rotorua and being amazed that I was able to play basketball or cricket at school. I lapped it up.

Now, the options are endless. I am constantly surprised by the myriad of exciting things my kids are presented with at their sports-mad school.

On the other hand, another growing field of play for kids (and some adults) is E-Sports, the sedentary phenomenon of ‘video games’ that has exploded in popularity and has become the biggest threat to sports participation worldwide.

The good news is that the Bay of Plenty is leading the way with new and updated squash club facilities, making it more appealing for kids (and adults) to get active. These models have proven popular and we have seen a recent surge in participation. Clubs are now offering a range of membership options, as well as casual access.

Squash is an exciting, fun sport that has plenty going for it. In my experience the biggest advantage squash has is that it is a sport the whole family can enjoy together.

Mum, Dad and the kids can all compete in the same event, which is pretty rare these days. It makes for a unique environment where everyone is engaged and creates a real feeling of family unity. Plus, it is addictive – I have lost track of how many people have said, “I wish I had found this sport 20 years ago!”

With summer around the corner, now is a perfect time to have a crack at something new that will keep you fit. Any one of our 16 clubs around the region will welcome you into their family, so why not give it a try today?

Go to our website to find a club near you. I promise that once you have a bash, you will be hooked!

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