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SportsTalk! Are You a Casual Golfer?

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

The average age of golf club members nationally is 61. In the Western Bay it’s very likely to be closer to 70 than 60.

That in itself raises the prospect that a club of say 800 members may need to gain 400 new members in the next 20 years to retain that level of membership. It’s a matter for all clubs to consider in their forward planning.

However, surveys and statistics tell us that 25-45 years olds are time poor and have many options for spending their discretionary dollar. They want to play golf more often than money or time permit, and when they do, they want to play a variety of courses and generally resist being locked into one fixed membership.

New Zealand Golf have introduced a “Casual Golf” initiative which has already seen 81,000 New Zealanders sign up as “Casual Golfers”. Admittedly the vast majority are Auckland based but this initiative is sure to catch on in the Bay of Plenty.

Until this initiative we had no way of communicating with this group or learning more about their playing habits and how they engage with the game.

Now by joining the “Casual Golfer” scheme the contact details and playing habits of casual golfers are captured so we can better understand this group resulting in more meaningful communication and offerings to casual golfers.

Fear not, you won’t be bombarded with emails or sales gimmicks but you will receive offers that may just get you out on the course more often.

“Casual Golfer” enables New Zealand Golf to create a unique marketing channel that all golf clubs can use to promote green fees and membership to casual golfers throughout New Zealand.

Here is a summary of the benefits of registering:

  • Get your old scores back: All past members of golf clubs who have had a DotGolf scoring record will be able to see old scores.
  • MyGolf profile on View your scoring record, check your hole by hole scores and comment on your friend’s scores.
    Average Score Indicator: Keep track of your progress with an average score indicator (this will contribute towards your handicap should you wish to join a club).
  • Access to “Get on the Green”: Access the Get on the green platform where casual golfers and New Zealand Golf Club members are able to book tee times and purchases green fee vouchers and access monthly specials.

It’s so easy to register just go to

Chris McAlpine, CEO, Bay of Plenty Golf

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