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Sports Talk || 5 Tips to a Successful Grant Application

Thursday, March 4, 2021

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Sports Bay of Plenty is holding a free workshop to allow people the chance to to meet the key funders in the Bay of Plenty.

The Sport BOP Club Funding Forum will reveal what funders are looking for and provide the chance for clubs to chat with funders to make sure your next funding application ticks all the boxes.

This workshop is not to be missed by any club.

Ahead of next month's forum, the Community Sport Development team has put together a quick top 5 tips to successful grant applications.

1: Know the outcome:

The first step in the process is to be clear about what the funding will enable or support, and the impact it will have. If this is not easily identifiable then you will need to spend time looking at all possible outcomes and maybe the idea itself. This is the key to all future steps and the foundation of any quality application. Take your time to truly “know” all the benefits this desired funding will offer.

2: Know your club:

Once you are clear on the outcomes, be clear on the direction and purpose of your club. You need to be able explain in a paragraph or less why your club is great, what makes it special and what you are hoping to achieve. Take your time to truly 'know' the strategic direction of your club and avoid only talking about the history and previous achievements of your club.

3: Know the funder:

Now that you know the outcomes of the funding and what’s special about your club, you need to match these with a funder. Each funder will have its own criteria and what they are looking to achieve. If your outcomes and the funder's outcomes match, and the direction of your club clearly shows this is what you want to achieve, then you have found an ideal suitor. Never be afraid to pick up the phone and call a funder during this phase to ask any questions.

4: Keep it simple:

Writing an application is not an exercise to display one’s exceptional command of the English language. Keep the application clear and logical and maintain a similar tone across all of your writing (use of personal pronouns). Use familiar words, be precise with what you say and get rid of filler words. Use headings and bulleted lists where possible to make for easy navigation and impact.

5: Keep it real:

The final tip we have is to 'keep it real'. Clubs can attempt to over-sell their ideas or the club itself, which should be avoided. Funders often see through this and the tone of your application is hindered by doing so. Even worse, if you do get funding and the outcomes promised are not delivered on because of an 'over-sell' then the relationship with that funder is severely compromised for future applications.

So there you have it – 5 quick tips when looking at grant applications. To know more, come along to Sport BOP's Club Funding Forum.

When: Wednesday, April 14.
Time: 6:30pm-8pm.
Where: Paengaroa Community Hall (4 Old Coach Rd).

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For any questions about the forum or for general funding support contact Sport BOP's Community Sport Development Advisor Wiremu Tapara at

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