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Sports drink entrepreneur on a roll

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Sports drink entrepreneur on a roll

A Mount Maunganui entrepreneur is taking on the big boys of the sports drink industry.

Phill Dromgool first dreamed of producing his own rehydration drink while on a multi-day desert trek in North Africa.

He trained in food technology and knew who to contact at Massey University to develop an electrolyte drink that could foot it with big multinational companies. The result was R-Line, a formulated mix of electrolytes and carbohydrates specifically designed to aid quick and effective rehydration.

He quickly switched from powder form to syrup concentrate because it was easier to use when mixing large quantities of drink.

``Liquids retain their flavour and intensity better than powders,'' Mr Dromgool said.

``Powders lose their flavour to oxygen so by having it in the liquid you maintain your flavour, and it's just so much easier to make up.''

R-Line sells six flavours in one litre bottles (mixed with water, one litre of syrup makes ten litres of drink).

R-Line was popular with the just-add-water sports drink market and with endurance athletes.

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