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Sport, recreation & play under Red in the Covid-19 Protection Framework

Monday, January 24, 2022

All of New Zealand, including the Bay of Plenty, is now in the Red setting of the Covid-19 Protection Framework (Traffic Light) System.

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Sport NZ has a list of guidelines about how sport, active recreation and play can take place under the red setting.

The guidance covers:

  • Indoor and outdoor community sport, including watersports – this can be a team sport or individual sport, contact or close-proximity, or non-contact
  • Recreational activities like walking, ocean swimming, swimming laps at the pool or going to the gym
  • Play in homes, neighbourhoods and playgrounds

Sport NZ Covid-19 Protection Framework guidelines

Sport Bay of Plenty's response

Sport Bay of Plenty offices are now vaccine pass sites and, at this stage, remain open to the public. As the January 2022 Omicron outbreak progresses, we may need to cancel or delay planned hui, or transition face to face meetings to online hui. We’ll let those affected know as we change plans over the coming weeks.

Guidance documents

There are a number of guidance documents for play, active recreation and sport organisations available on Sport NZ’s website. This includes full guidance for each traffic light setting, and specific guidance on My Vaccine Pass, and guidance for events under the new framework.

Key principles of the COVID-19 Protection Framework settings for play, recreation and sport

  • All outdoor parks, fields and playgrounds can open for use at red, orange and green
  • Gyms can open at red (up 100 people with 1m distancing), orange and green if vaccine passes are in use
  • Sport and recreational facilities can open but will need to consider specific rules for the commercial premises that they run such as cafes. More guidance about this can be found on MBIE’s website
  • When participating at council-owned pools and recreation centres, the guidance for Public Facilities applies
  • Sport NZ has released guidance for gatherings and events, including the difference between the two.
  • A gathering organiser, venue or facility need to make the choice to ask for proof of vaccination. In the first instance, organisations and venues owners should talk to each other about the plan to safely run the sport or recreational activities under the CPF
  • There can be multiple Gatherings at one venue, however each Gathering needs to take place in a defined space with distance maintained between groups. Spectators at an outdoor gathering can be treated as a separate gathering and the same limits apply to them
  • There are no requirements for physical distancing while playing / participating; and you do not need to wear a mask when taking part
  • If you’re sick, you should stay at home.

More detailed guidance for each setting can be found at

Secondary school sport in Term 1, 2022

Following consultation between Sport Bay of Plenty and the BOP Secondary School Sport Principals Management Group, sanctioned BOP secondary school sport events in Term 1 2022 will be restricted to fully vaccinated attendees, including participants aged 12+.

Under the gathering and event limits of the Orange and Red settings of the COVID Protection Framework, secondary school sport events and competitions could not viably proceed without the use of vaccination certificates. In addition, many venues hosting events are implementing vaccine requirements.

Sport Bay of Plenty and the Secondary School Sport Principals Management Group understand the vaccine requirement may create difficulties for some students and their parents. However, the vaccine requirement ensures the 2022 sporting calendar can proceed with the least disruption and in the safest possible way.

We remain committed to ensuring young people have access to safe and high-quality school sport events in the Bay of Plenty, and will continue to work with member schools to make alternative intra-school options available where necessary.

A review of the requirements will be conducted continuously as new government and Ministry of Health advice becomes available.

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Are 5-11 year olds required to show a My Vaccine Pass?

Children aged 5-11 years can now be vaccinated against COVID-19.

While vaccination among this age group is encouraged, 5-11 year olds are not required to show or have My Vaccine Passes. They are still counted toward the capacity limit of an event or gathering, but do not contribute to the vaccination status of an event or gathering. This means unvaccinated 5-11 year olds at a My Vaccine Pass event or gathering do not make that event or gathering non-My Vaccine Pass.

If you need more information about the COVID-19 vaccine for children the following information from the Ministry of Health can help you here.

Can attendees use a negative COVID-19 test and come to an event or gathering where vaccine passes are used?

No – a negative COVID-19 test is not a substitute for vaccinations for events or gatherings under the Covid Protection Framework. If there are unvaccinated people at your event or gathering, then you must follow the rules and limits for where vaccine passes are not used.

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