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Sport BOP Profile | Introducing Zane!

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

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Describe your role at Sport BOP in one sentence
I'm tasked with implementing the Bay of Plenty Spaces and Places Strategy, and supporting organisations and clubs through the decision making framework regarding facility planning.

Zane J web

What is the most rewarding aspect of your job and why?
Knowing the work we do to assist and help clubs now will ensure they survive and remain sustainable so sport is available for future generations.

What is the most challenging aspect and why?
Changing mindsets towards a new way of thinking rather than the traditional sport mind-set.

When you’re not working at Sport BOP, what do you like to get up to?
Being active in the outdoors - on the water or in the hills!

And for fun, if you could have any superpower what would it be and why?
To be able to fly, then I could avoid traffic!

And anything else you would like to add about yourself that may be of interest?
I once broke my thumb when I hit myself in the face by accident.

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