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Sport BOP ActiveVoice: Planning for the Future

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Over the past few months we have had a focus at Sport Bay of Plenty of recognising the many volunteers that make grassroots sport possible, including coaches, administrators on committees and the many other voluntary jobs that are required to form the foundation of successful sport delivery.

In order to provide more structure for your club and people in those voluntary roles, planning for and around your activities will make things easier by having a clear direction. The most effective way to of doing this is to start a planning process that is not too time consuming to set your club on the path to a better future.

Before embarking on such a process it is important for clubs to remind themselves why they are doing this, what they are doing and to plan in a way that resonates with the people that matter to them.

Essentially a club plan answers three simple questions: Where are you now? Where do you want to be? How are you going to get there?

The benefit of having a plan in place is that it will help to define and prioritise the aims and aspirations the club has.

It should also help with: retaining membership levels and generating more club income; generating vibrancy and direction for the club, making it more attractive to new members and funding bodies; creating a focus for where the club would like to be in 3 – 5 years; redirecting scarce volunteer resources to those most important tasks; improving your club’s day to day decision making, allowing you to spend less time running the club and more time on the things you love to do!

Planning is a great idea for any club. Creating your club’s plan should be a team effort, not something written in five minutes by one person. Your national body’s strategic plan is a good place to look first, as is your regional associations plan. Also look at plans for clubs both within and outside your sport. These plans will give you pointers as to the areas to consider when developing your plan.

Running a sports or recreation club doesn't need to be a complicated or difficult job and with the right information you'll be able to achieve your club's goals easily.

Sport Bay of Plenty will be running a series of Planning workshops across the Bay in August and September. Our Community Sport staff will provide you with an understanding of how to start the planning process and how to identify some key priorities for your club.

Club Planning Workshop details:

31st August – Rotorua to register contact
7th September – Whakatane to register contact
13th September – Tauranga to register contact

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