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Sport BOP ActiveVoice: A Green Prescription is Here to Help!

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Know you should be more active and eat better but need some help to achieve this healthier lifestyle? Green Prescription - a free service provided by Sport Bay of Plenty - may be the answer you need.

Referrals for the Green Prescription programme come from your local GP or practice nurse. Once referred, you will be supported through an initial face to face consultation, and regular follow up contacts.

Recent survey results illustrate the positive impact this programme is having, with those participating in the programme reporting benefits including feeling stronger and fitter, losing weight, having more energy, feeling less stressed, lower blood pressure and sleeping better.

With the Green Prescription programme occurring throughout New Zealand with over 35,000 referrals per year, the Ministry of Health undertakes a national survey to identify the outcomes of the programme.

Sport Bay of Plenty exceeded the national average in most of the indicators with 74% of respondents more active since referral to the programme and 80% having made changes to their nutritional habits. The most common changes include drinking more water, eating less ‘junk’ food, eating smaller portions and cutting down on fats and sugary foods.

High proportions of Green Prescription clients found the advice they were given was helpful and relevant, the activities suggested were appropriate and they now feel more confident about doing physical activity. 75 % noticed positive health changes.

It is well researched and documented that the benefits of regular physical activity can reduce the risk of Type 2 Diabetes, cardiovascular disease and some cancers.

Other comments relayed through the survey included ‘the contact has been very supportive and understanding’ and ‘they explain the benefits of physical exercise and keep you motivated.’

The Green Prescription Advisors are very experienced in helping participants to set achievable goals, improve their physical activity level and positively impact their health and wellbeing.

Sport Bay of Plenty has several resources on hand and can link participants in with the wide variety of physical activity options available in the Bay of Plenty. You can get information on different clubs, facilities and organisations you have an interest in and may want to try.

If you would like to benefit from becoming more physically active and want some help and advice to achieve this, please talk to your GP or practice nurse or visit our Green Prescription page.

Catherine McCulloch, Community Manager, Sport Bay of Plenty

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