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Results- WBOP Rippa Rugby World Cup

Thursday, May 24, 2018

WBOP Rippa Rugby   May 23 (124)

The weather gods well and truly unleashed Winter on this year’s WBOP RIPPA Tournament.

As the event was being set up and the schools were arriving a band of rain settled in and the expected cold weather was exactly that.. cold! Everyone put on a brave face and it was decided to at least go ahead with pool play from 10am in the hope that the weather would improve.

All the students were enjoying the wet conditions but it was a bit tougher for their support crews on the sidelines. We did manage to press through pool play with both age groups playing 3 games each and although the weather had cleared the cold had finally got the better of most, particularly our year 3 and 4 players so he tournament ended there. There were some great games played and everyone showed heaps of resilience despite the conditions. Thank you to BOP Rugby putting on the event and also to the volunteer referees.

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WBOP Rippa Rugby - May 23

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