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Monday, April 19, 2021

Kaitao Intermediate School's Swimming Sports was an action-packed event that showcased talent, excitement and great sportsmanship.

The sports day, held at the Rotorua Aquatic Centre on April 8, was held in preparation for the central Bay of Plenty Swimming Sports competition on April 14.

The day was loaded with great support and tremendous swimming from the students. One of the highlights of the day was the teacher and student swim off, which brought a lot of excitement and showed quality sportsmanship.

Organised by sports Co-ordinator Te Arohanui Waikato, with the support of her colleagues, resulting in a day that left principal Paul Palfrey was impressed by the talent. Congratulations to everyone who participated.


The Results

Year 7

Girls Freestyle

1st: Addison Fletcher
2nd: Olivia Ward
3rd: Ari Makai

Girls Breaststroke

1st: Olivia Ward
2nd: Elizabeth Cooper
3rd: Wiki Cooper-Galvin

Girls Backstroke

1st: Addison Fletcher
2nd: Olivia Ward
3rd: Ari Makai

Boys Freestyle

1st: Ronan Burton-Tipuna
2nd: Braxton Suarez
3rd: Tipene Thomson

Boys Breaststroke

1st: Devontae Mose
2nd: Riley Thompson

Boys Backstroke

1st: Riley Thompson
2nd: Devontae Mose
3rd: Bailee-Ree Hiraka-Rakatau


Year 8

Girls' Freestyle

1st: Sariah Marshall
2nd: Angel Moulder
3rd: Ella-Rose Davis

Girls' Breaststroke

1st: Angel Moulder
2nd: Wikitoria Brown
3rd: Ella-Rose Davis

Girls' Backstroke

1st: Wikitoria Brown
2nd: Angel Moulder
3rd: Aaliyah Giles

Boys' Freestyle

1st: Kopa Manahi
2nd: Delahoya Kahu-Phillips
3rd: William Peake-Gerrard

Boys' Breaststroke

1st: Ollien Pollard
2nd: Kopa Manahi
3rd: William Peake-Gerrard

Boys' Backstroke

1st: Kopa Manahi
2nd: Pearce James
3rd: George Dean


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