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Friday, December 13, 2019

A coach’s skills and work can often go unseen, but Sport Bay of Plenty’s Development Coach Advance programme is encouraging coaches to step forward and invest in their own growth and development so they can continue to support others.

Eastern Bay Judo coach Neisha Brooking loves learning, and it’s that passion that motivated her to apply for Sport Bay of Plenty’s Development Coach Advance programme this year.

“I have a passion for education and an ideal for developing people with good mental and moral value so that they can contribute positively to our communities.

“As a coach I am always hoping to learn new skills and ideas that will assist me to deliver life skills to my athletes that they can use on and off the judo tatami training mats.”

The ten month Development Coach Advance programme for established coaches at a non-elite level gives participants an opportunity to connect with peers and develop skills in critical learning areas. The aim for Sport Bay of Plenty is clear – great sporting experiences and talent need great coaches, so it’s critical we support our community coaches with professional development opportunities.

Topics covered in the programme include systems and structures to support athlete development, how to build and lead sporting environments, skill learning and adaptability, coaching mental resilience and wellbeing.

Neisha says the opportunity to mix with other sports codes and coaches in the Bay of Plenty was invaluable.

“Judo is unique as it is not played in a team environment. So I’ve enjoyed mixing with other sporting codes and finding out how others deliver their training programmes to their athletes.”

Neisha Brooking (centre) with rangatahi judo athletes

In addition to coaching judo athletes, Neisha is also a facilitator on Judo New Zealand’s club support commission and supports fellow coaches on coaching programmes. She says the Development Coach Advance programme gave her some great resources to assist her athletes and trainee coaches and help them approach coaching with an open mind.

“The programme helped me realise I don’t just need to develop an athlete’s physical prowess but I also need to approach coaching in a more holistic manner and consider an athlete’s mental and emotional wellbeing.

“I like to think I am now a less prescriptive coach and a more adaptive coach that responds better to the individual needs of each of my athletes.”

That’s a philosophy near and dear to Sport Bay of Plenty’s coach and sport development team who see coaches playing a role in not only developing great athletes, but also in developing great people.

Neisha’s experience on the Development Coach Advance programme really drove that home as she realised the wider impact she and her fellow coaches can have on others when they take the time to invest in themselves. That investment is now helping Neisha stay in the game and provide great support for her athletes.

“With my athletes I found that by discussing and implementing some of the philosophies that we explored through the Development Coach Advance programme, we have all fostered a greater respect and relationship with each other and empathy when needed.

“It’s built a great ‘team’ environment within a very independent sport.”

Applications for Sport Bay of Plenty 2020 Development Coach Advance programme close 5pm Friday 7 February. Visit the Development Coach Advance webpage to find out more.

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