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New technology aids coaches

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Coaches from across the Bay of Plenty are benefiting from a new digital platform that helps record and track their professional development.

The online platform, known as the BayTrust Coaching Passport, records and tracks formal and informal learning opportunities over a coaches' career. The digital platform, first piloted by the BayTrust CoachForce team at Sport Bay of Plenty, now has over 3,000 coaches registered.

Coaches attending a relevant regional coaching workshop facilitated by a BayTrust CoachForce member swipe a QR tag to automatically record and track their professional development. The digital passport can then be printed and presented to prospective employees to help demonstrate the professional development an individual has undertaken recently and across their career.

Coaching Passport_web

Sport Bay of Plenty's Community Coaching Advisor Shan Jensen-Loach says the BayTrust Coaching Passport is a quick and easy way for coaches to record their professional development, and take stock of their continuous learning journey and growth across their coaching careers.

“Coaching is an unselfish vocation which often involves putting others first. This usually means coaches don’t spend too much time on themselves and their own needs.

“The Coaching Passport not only allows coaches to easily document their learning, but can also help identify gaps in their knowledge that can then be addressed. It also serves as a conduit for information on the development opportunities available in the region.”

To find out more about the BayTrust Coaching Passport, or to register your interest, visit the website.

BayTrust Coaching Passport

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