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New aqua exercise classes for pregnant women

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Pregnant women in Rotorua now have more options to safely exercise thanks to a new Aqua Mums class at Rotorua Aquatic Centre starting Thursday 9 May.

The 45 minute class is the only one of its kind in the Rotorua region, and is suitable for swimmers and non-swimmers alike. Instructor June Joseph said the class is designed to meet the needs of pregnant women at any stage of their pregnancy.

“The classes are informative and fun and aim to create a supportive environment for women to safely exercise while pregnant.

“During the class we go through safe and gentle exercises to help improve core stability and promote pelvic floor awareness which will alleviate some of the more common ailments experienced during pregnancy.”

Rotorua Aquatic Centre

June Joseph is a fully qualified aqua instructor and has 11 years’ experience in the aquatics industry providing specialised water exercise at the Rotorua Aquatic Centre.

“Aquatic exercises are perfect for pregnant women because the buoyancy supports the growing body and reduces the impact on the lower back, pelvic joints and the pelvic floor. The water also helps regulate body temperature and provides a sense of comfort and relaxation.”
The new Aqua Mums class is the result of a joint initiative between Rotorua Aquatic Centre managed by CLM and Sport Bay of Plenty.

Maternal Physical Activity Coordinator Larissa Cuff from Sport Bay of Plenty said there’s a need to increase the number of group exercise opportunities for pregnant women across the Bay of Plenty and encourage more expectant mums to keep moving.

“Unfortunately there’s not many group exercise classes for pregnant women in the region, and there’s also a common misconception that it’s not safe to exercise during pregnancy. However, with your doctor or midwife’s approval and supervision, you can exercise up to your due date.”

Cuff said it’s important to stay active during pregnancy as being active and healthy helps both mum and the baby. There’s also the social benefit of meeting other expectant mothers and gaining further support during pregnancy.

“Being active for just 30 minutes a day can help strengthen heart, lungs and muscles, which in turn provides the extra energy and strength needed for birth and carrying the baby once born.

Aqua bubs_01 web

“Exercise can also improve your posture and reduce lower back pain, as well as ease common problems in pregnancy such as leg cramps, high blood pressure and constipation.”

More information about the benefits of exercising while pregnant visit

The new Aqua Mums runs every Thursday from 12 to 12:45pm starting 9 May at the Rotorua Aquatic Centre, 18 Tarewa Rd.

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