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Magical Park brings Tauranga's reserves alive

Monday, March 12, 2018

Magical Park screenshot

In celebration of National Parks Week, which runs from 10-18 March, Tauranga City Council has brought augmented reality game Magical Park back to Tauranga.

Magical Park is a free app that uses a smartphone or tablet to bring weird and wonderful creatures into parks. Graphics, sounds and touch feedback are layered onto the real world on your device’s screen.

In addition to Memorial Park, where Magical Park was hosted last year, the game will be available in Sydenham Botanic Park in Brookfield and Moa Park in Mount Maunganui.

“Natural environments like parks are essential to individual and community well-being,” says Mark Smith, Manager Parks & Recreation at Tauranga City Council.

“Magical Park is a great way for families to get kids outside enjoying the city’s parks and reserves.”

The game turns recycling and rubbish collection into a fun game for kids. Enviro Park encourages kids and families to get out and explore their local parks while learning the fundamentals of recycling.

The free Magical Park app is available on iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

Click here for more information.

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