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Living stronger for longer with Keep on Your Feet

Saturday, October 9, 2021

Tom Taggart knows well the benefits of maintaining strength and balance through regular exercise. And as a class instructor of an ACC approved Keep on Your Feet strength and balance class, he also gets to witness the benefits first hand.

Falls are the most common injuries in older persons, with one in three people aged 65+ suffering a fall. Strength and balance programmes, like the Keep on Your Feet class Tom co-runs, can reduce falls by up to 29 per cent.

"I got caught up in the exercise because it was really very good for me," explains Tom.

Keep on Your Feet_Mike Cullen

"I'd lost a lot of strength and balance in my legs, and I had a lot of chronic pain, so the exercises dealt with both of those things by strengthening my legs and also assisting with me coping with the pain in my back."

As result, Tom says his life as changed.

"My attitude has changed and I'm certainly a lot freer. I'm not restricted in the way that I was before.


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