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Tuesday, October 18, 2016


Kiwi kids love sport and starting young will ensure they develop vital life-skills as well as a life-long habit of being involved and active.

Most children are first introduced to sport through whanau or at school and this has a wonderful influence as they increase their skills and build self-esteem.

Organised sport helps kids to develop a sense of achievement and teamwork and attain and improve upon core life-skills like communication, problem solving and leadership. Sport also teaches values like resilience, independence, commitment, honesty and humility.

Sport offers many benefits to children and these continue into adulthood with reduced risk of obesity and increased cardiovascular fitness, improved sleep patterns, coordination and balance and a greater ability to physically relax – reducing the complications of chronic muscular tension such as headaches and back pain.

Sport enables us to channel our competitive and aggressive energy into positive energy therefore enabling a healthy release of pressure. It is also widely known that being physically active enhances concentration in the classroom and in turn learning ability.

Fundamental movement skills are gained in the early years and are a range of gross motor movements that encompass different parts of the body including feet, legs, torso, head, arms and hands. Fundamentals should not be undervalued and while specific training for sport helps improve skills and game tactics, key movement skills such as balance and coordination begin at a very early age. They are the building blocks for more complex and specialised skills vital for playing games and sports and participating in dance, gymnastics and other recreational activities.

Sport Bay of Plenty’s offerings reflect this development pathway - beginning with babies and toddlers in our Move, Laugh, Grow programme, teaching fundamental sport skills in GO4it and providing ample opportunity for participation in our Primary and Secondary School sport events.

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