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Keeping it fun in the summer holidays

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

The summer holidays can be a great opportunity to encourage our young ones to get active. A change in routine can sometimes affect our daily habits. With more down time and increased access to the sofa or a screen, some children may become less active, more inclined to stay indoors and prone to boredom and unwanted grumpy outbursts. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

Simply setting a routine to suit your new (flexible!) schedule can help to keep the family activity levels up - planning a day trip, engaging in a regular activity after breakfast or dinner, or sneaking in small amounts of exercise throughout the day can work well over the summer months. Why not try and park as far away as possible or leave the car at home and walk or cycle to your destination?

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The key to engaging our children enough to pull them away from the more sedentary options is to make things fun. Keep the conversation light and change up any activities that may be a bit tough for someone. This could be as simple as taking a funny photo together while catching your breath, or walking backwards to the next tree. Believe it or not, just the fact that the kids are getting to spend some quality time with you is an incentive that we often forget or undervalue.

That’s where we can help this summer. For a range of FREE options designed to get the family up and about, join our Virtually on Track Fun in the Sun activities this December and January and get out there to explore the natural lakes, bays and beaches in the Bay of Plenty.

There are 12 activities on offer at seven different locations. Download the Fun in the Sun cards now and you can complete the activities in your own time or get the family together and make a day of it. Now's your chance to get active and explore our beautiful region! Plus, there's loads of prizes up for grabs when you complete the activities between December 21 and January 31.

For more information and to download your activity cards visit

Remember, getting out there and active does not need to be exhausting, time consuming or costly. Keep the emphasis on fun these summer holidays!

Happy holidays from the Sport Bay of Plenty recreation team

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