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Interschool Rural Championships 2019 - Results

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Brand new event designed for schools in the Taupō Reporoa region. All schools had the opportunity to run a sport that was non-traditional in nature to encourage students to have a go.

Sports that were offered on the day were Basketball 3x3 -Lacrosse -Lawn Bowls 3s -Kio O Rahi -Ultimate Frisbee- Mixed Relays. Some students had never had the opportunity or experience the non-traditional sports. All sports did a skills session and then they got a chance to show off those new skills in a 20 minute game.

Overall sportsmanship on the day was pretty fantastic from all the schools but from the teachers and codes Reporoa College on the day pipped all others and they were led by an amazing student leader.

Interschool Rural Championships 2019

Few comments from the students on the day:

“Ultimate Frisbee wow who knew I could throw a Frisbee sideways and catch one handed in the air -like this sport a lot”

“Lacrosse was mean miss so much fun”

“Kio o Rahi I thought we would be useless but we were mean even the girls - never ever played it, it had everything like dodgeball and touch got to throw a ball dodge and step out a few people and ultimately scored lots of goals - our school needs to play this”

“Yeah I learnt heaps like how to do a lay up and pass the ball – cool playing against the girls , some girls were a little aggressive too 3x3 basketball”

“Bowls is way better fast like the new game- good to know the ball has tricks to actually throwing at the white ball”
“Mixed games awesome never knew what was coming”

Results from the day was very very close between three schools but this year the trophy goes to Te Kura o Hirangi

1st Te Kura o Hirangi
2nd Taupo Nui A Tia College
3rd Tongariro Area School
4th Tauhara college
5th Murupara Area School
6th Reporoa College

Interschool Rural Secondary Championship 2019

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