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Green Prescription Success Story

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Green Prescription Success Story

Whakatane man Cliff Morgan has lost nearly seventy kilograms in a year after forming healthier habits on Sport Bay of Plenty’s Green Prescription programme. 

Cliff was introduced to Green Prescription by his General Practitioner and had been on the programme for some time before he decided he was ready to get something out of it, “Something just clicked one day, it might have been looking at old photos, I just wanted to be healthy” said Cliff.

With the help of Cliff’s trained advisor he has formed healthy habits that he intends to keep for life.  He now undertakes physical activity six times a week including swimming, going to the gym and walking. 

He has also formed better eating habits and has less takeaways, bread, chips and snacks.  He eats more vegetables and salads and always has breakfast. 

If he could give one piece of advice to others in his position it would be, “Change your thoughts first and then things fall into place … most people know these things but you’re ready when you’re ready”.  

Since Cliff has lost the weight he’s noticed that lots of day to day activities are easier, he can walk for hours and has much more energy.  Sticking around for his two daughters, aged 14 and 21 and being a role model to them is also a big motivation to stay healthy.

“It’s hard at first but seeing results, it’s a done deal”.

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