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Green Prescription | Tracey's Story

Monday, October 2, 2017

"Green Prescription the catalyst for my journey to health"


Tracey was 42 when she was referred to Green Prescription in February 2017.


At her initial consultation, her diet was high in fats and sugars, alcohol, potato chips, chocolate and fizzy drinks. By her second appointment, she had cut out all the unhealthy foods - the main one being alcohol, which she stopped altogether after previously drinking 12 bottles of beer a week.

Tracey was active in her job as a cleaner but wanted to increase her fitness levels further. She signed up at the Whakatane Aquatic Centre and started attending the gym and swimming regularly.

In March, she also signed up for a 10-week workplace walking challenge, which she ended up winning! She walked 1,446,786 steps during the 10 weeks. Amazing stuff!

As a result of the positive lifestyle changes she has made, Tracey has reduced her weight and her waist measurement.

She attributes the Green Prescription programme as the catalyst for her journey to better health.

She reports she has an increase in confidence and self-esteem, and is motivated to continue with her healthy lifestyle habits and encourages her whanau to do the same.

Tracey wants to inspire others to start their journey to better health and longer life through positive lifestyle changes.

The main message she wants to convey is that we are in charge of our own journey and anything can be achieved with a change of mindset, commitment and support.

Take that first step and know that the results will be worth it.

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