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Great Start for BOP Kids

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Great Start for BOP Kids

Primary school students from around the Bay of Plenty will have the opportunity to participate in a new and exciting fundamental skills programme in 2016, Junior GO4it.

Launched at the beginning of the year, Junior GO4it is a partnership between Sport Bay of Plenty, Athletics New Zealand and GymSports New Zealand. The programme itself is a collaboration between Athletics New Zealand’s Get Set Go and GymSports New Zealand’s MoveMprove® fundamental movement skills programmes.

Athletics New Zealand’s Community and Participation Manager, Amie O’Brien says, “The development of Junior GO4it has been an exciting opportunity for us to look at two really high quality programmes and see how we can make them even better by working together”.

Amie’s counterpart, GymSports NZ Community Sport Manager Danielle Halliday, agrees, “It has been fantastic to work alongside Athletics New Zealand and Sport Bay of Plenty on this collaboration, like us, both organisations are committed to supporting the development of fundamental skills in young people and this project has been a great opportunity to combine our thinking for the benefit and enjoyment of thousands of Bay of Plenty children".

Sport Bay of Plenty has recruited three new staff members, one for each region (Western, Central and Eastern Bay of Plenty) who are responsible for coordination, support and delivery of the Junior GO4it programme. 

Each class involved in the programme will receive ten 45 minute sessions with the focus being on positive, fun games that assist children in developing fundamental movement skills. These skills are vital for children as they act as the building blocks to lifelong involvement in an active and healthy lifestyle.

While Junior GO4it focuses on children’s fundamental movement skills, the programme also aims to develop the child holistically. Sunset Primary School Teacher Aleki Tuilave, whose class is receiving the programme in Term 1 with coach Mark Leishman, has already noticed this in the programme delivered to date.

“The lessons are going great, they are learning about more than just being physically active … there is further learning around following rules, numeracy and literacy, routines and the activities are fun,” says Aleki.

Junior GO4it also has a professional development focus for teachers in order to provide them with the skills and knowledge to continue the programme in their classrooms long term. This development is supported by the backgrounds of their Junior GO4it coordinators.

“Each GO4it coordinator has a physical education teaching background which allows them to link the sessions to the curriculum, understand the school environment and encourage creativity in their delivery,” says Sport Bay of Plenty School Sport Team Leader Gareth Yates.

Principal of Whakamarama School, Natasha Greatorex, has been really impressed by this opportunity for her teachers stating that, “We have found the experience to date highly positive and I was impressed with the staff involvement and their requirement to lead a game this week. That's great planning from your side”.

In 2016 the Junior GO4it programme will offer 16,000 opportunities to 1600 students within 32 schools throughout the Bay of Plenty.

Programme Contacts:

Amie O’Brien, Community and Participation Manager, Athletics New Zealand

021 872 605

Danielle Halliday, Community Sport Manager, GymSports New Zealand

021 984 828

Debbie Garea, Fundamentals Advisor, Sport Bay of Plenty

027 487 5377

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