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Five tips for a successful funding application

Monday, April 1, 2019

Researching and applying for sport and recreation funding can seem like a daunting process, but thanks to these five tips you can start tackling funding applications with confidence.

In early 2019 Sport Bay of Plenty hosted a number of funding workshops across the region.

Alongside numerous club and community groups were representatives from local funding bodies who were able to provide valuable insight into the funding process, as well as tips to help applicants shape a successful funding submission. The feedback to this approach has been great and many groups have walked away motivated to start working on applications.

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Before we give the top five tips for applying for funding it’s worth noting the key message that emerged from funders during our workshops: Funding needs to be distributed and, unless you ask, you don’t know what’s available.

There’s many groups out there writing and submitting applications to various funders, so below are five ways to help your application stand out from the crowd.

Do your research

Who are the funders in your area? What are their core priorities? Where are they most likely to distribute funding?

There’s no point spending hours on a funding application if the funder has little funding available in your area, or if what you’re asking for does not align to their core funding priorities.

It’s also helpful to understand a funder’s timelines such as due dates for applications and how often you can apply.

Plan, plan, plan

Imagine this scenario: You apply for uniforms just before the start of the season and sweat on having them available before game one … and then realise your clubroom roof is leaking and needs to be replaced. Think about your priorities and plan in advance.

Planning and prioritising funding for your club or group is crucial to ensuring that everything is well supported across all areas of your club, and that you can maintain a coordinated approach to your funding over a 12 month timeline. Planning also means you can avoid the pitfalls of being reactive and spending valuable time applying for funding that’s going into low priority areas when there’s something more pressing on the horizon.

The power of story

Stories hold power. When writing applications remember to tell your story and paint the wider picture of how your club or group supports a community to come together. This approach is far more powerful and convincing that just talking about how many players take the field.

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Be accurate

Be as accurate as possible. Include all the required information such as quotes or supporting documents. The person reading your application will thank you in advance as it cuts down on the tedious need to go back and forth for more information.

If your application is accurate and on point it will clearly state what the funding is for, why the funding is needed and how the funding will support community outcomes.

Check and review

Before submitting your application check it once, twice and even three times. Make sure you’ve covered the above points, met the application requirements and attached all of the required information.

Want to know more about sport and recreation funding available in the Bay of Plenty? Head to the Sport Bay of Plenty webpage below for links to resources.

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