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Eastern BOP children benefit from GO4it programme

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

GO4it held a Fun for You Day in Opotiki, where Torere are a kura  in the programme.

Imagine you are five years old – would you rather run three laps of the school field or play games with names such as Bopper Tag, Cockroach Tag and T-Rex Tag to do the same amount of exercise?

Developing lifelong skills and love for physical education is the aim of Sport Bay of Plenty’s GO4it programme, which uses a games-based approach to develop children holistically.

GO4it was launched in February 2011, with 22 schools throughout the Bay of Plenty region participating in the pilot year. There are now 43 schools participating (about 5000 students).

This year was significant for the programme as a number of changes were made to the structure, to strengthen the programme and its effects.

Fundamentals Advisor Debbie Garea says, “Our intention is to provide a range of experiences and contexts through movement, to develop the participant holistically.

“We want physical education to be a social thing, an emotional thing, a spiritual thing and a thinking thing, and if we want participants loving activity for life we need to treat it that way and help students be motivated and confident to choose being active for life.”

GO4it Opotiki (1)

New Physical Skills Educator Logan Rogers is delivering the improved GO4it programme in 14 Eastern Bay of Plenty schools, with more than 1000 students participating.

Logan says, “I love seeing the students succeed, especially those that initially struggle and then improve during the year. I love making a difference in the schools, and the students and staff are all enthusiastic.”

One of the schools Logan has been working with is Galetea, which is part of the newly structured 2018 GO4it programme.

Throughout the year, the children at Galetea School receive regular instruction on various fundamental movement skills and sports codes. This term the junior students are involved in 10 45-minute sessions in the Junior GO4it Programme: Get Set Go.

You will see students at Galetea creating their own hopscotch patterns to practice hopping, playing red light, green light whilst skipping and making bowling mazes to practice one hand and two rolling.

Galeteas School Principal Kelly Bicknell says, “It is vital that children receive a range of enjoyable learning opportunities that promote positive physical activity.

“Our children and community love sport, however living an hour from town makes it a bit more of a challenge to participate in things such as Saturday sport. Our school therefore aims to provide our students with as many opportunities as possible to get them active and enjoying movement.

“GO4it sessions are developing core skills such as co-ordination, balance, setting goals and movement skills while having a whole lot of fun”.

GO4it Opotiki (3)

It’s not just the students who benefit, with GO4it providing many opportunities for professional development in school teachers as well.

“My staff are really participating with their class while learning a whole range of new skills and strategies for teaching PE,” says Kelly.

“They are seeing first-hand how 30 minutes of physical activities each day can be structured to ensure their students are getting both specific learning opportunities and a dose of fun. They have enjoyed observing the range of equipment (easily sourced) that can be utilised in a variety of ways too.”

For full details and examples of the GO4it programme in action, visit the website.

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