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Declining number of young people in sport

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

How we can get more young people more active is a big focus for Sport Bay of Plenty.

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This focus has become all the more important with recent reports showing a decreasing number of young people participating in regular sport and recreation across New Zealand. It’s also led to some big questions about what young people actually want in 2018 and beyond.

The health benefits, mental and physical, from young people participating is some kind of play, activity or team sports is indisputable and sets them up for many other parts of their life. Whether that’s social skills, decision making, leadership or confidence getting involved in sports is positive. Yet despite these benefits being widely recognised, physical activity of children and young people are trending downwards nationally.

As part of our work to reverse this trend, we’ve been looking at how our efforts fit into this big picture and reviewing what is and isn’t working. This review has included surveys of young people and the results reflect this national trend. It’s also showed that many young people want different experiences in sport and recreation to what has been provided past.

For us, we now need to look at what are young people looking for that we don’t seem to offer, whether community sport is accessible in Bay of Plenty and whether it cater for all young people, regardless of gender, ethnicity, ability, location or socio-economic background.

To this end we Sport BOP are underway in the development stages of a “Young People Plan” with ongoing consultation being lead with key stakeholder within the young people space. In this plan we hope to develop a collaborative approach that all people with a young people lens in Bay of Plenty can share that will enrich and inspire the lives of young people in creating lifelong love for community sport.

To read more about the Sport NZ Young People Plan click here.

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