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Couch Potato Kids Miss Out

Friday, September 6, 2013

Rotorua kids are increasingly lacking basic skills to throw or catch a ball, and need extra coaching before they can play sport.

The revelation comes amid new warnings that couch potato kids who watch too much TV are missing out on vital social and physical interaction.

Sport Bay of Plenty chief executive officer Wayne Werder said the organisation offered fundamental movement programmes to schools because many children lacked the confidence or ability to get involved in sport without extra coaching.

"I think it's always going to be an issue. The whole nature of society is changing, where there are other opportunities to not play sport.

"But across the Bay of Plenty we've got such a great natural playground that there shouldn't be any excuse not to be active."

His comments come in the wake of a British government briefing document showing children who spend too much time in front of the television or playing computer games have less confidence, are more anxious and develop depression.

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