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Bikewise - Be seen

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Bikewise - Be seen

Whether you’re on the road as a cyclist or a motorist, it’s vital to make yourself seen and look out for other road users.  Cyclists are particularly vulnerable in low-light and poor weather conditions, especially if they’re not prepared with the right bike lights and high-visibility gear. 

It’s easy to do so, too, for just a small investment.  Together with Consumer NZ, the Greater Wellington Regional Council has tested a selection of bike lights (all under $100) and reflective garments for effectiveness.  View the full test results here.

Quite a few regions around the country are running Be Bright campaigns to help local cyclists get more visible.  Check out the Bike Wise events calendar to find out if there is a Be Bright campaign in your area.

Making sure you can be seen is also the law.  Penalties include:

A $55 fine for no lights on your bike

A $55 fine for no tail light on your bike

A $55 fine for no red reflector or tape.

Did you know?

It costs around $25 to $60 for a good set of lights.

For $14, you can buy slap bands, reflective stickers, an LED bag clip and spoke reflectors from the Bike Wise online shop

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