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BayTrust Scholarships continue to recognise local sporting excellence

Tuesday, May 30, 2017


From surfing and canoe slalom, to rugby sevens and white water rafting, BayTrust and Sport Bay of Plenty are pleased to announce nearly 30 athletes and coaches have been selected in the second round of 2016-2017 BayTrust Athlete and Coach Scholarships.

These scholarships aim to support and assist Bay of Plenty talent to achieve their sporting goals on a national and international stage, as well as allow coaches to develop new skills that can be delivered back to the community for the long-term benefit of up and coming athletes.

The BayTrust Athlete and Coach Scholarships are funded by the trust’s $422,500 annual contribution to Sport Bay of Plenty’s CoachForce programme, which sees 22 CoachForce Officers from 18 codes developing other coaches who are working with thousands of athletes every week.

CoachForce and its associated opportunities are supported by BayTrust as it aligns with the organisation’s vision of helping to develop strong, vibrant and healthy communities.

The scholarships were open to sports people studying and residing in the Bay of Plenty, with the intention that this high-quality sporting talent and coaching expertise is retained long-term in the region.

Athlete scholarships were available to any local athlete aged 16-23 years old who has achieved national representation in their sport, while the coach scholarships are for those individuals currently coaching at a recognised and endorsed level by their respective Regional Sporting Organisation (RSO) or equivalent body.

Sport Bay of Plenty Coaching and Talent Development Team Leader Dave Clarke says, “The recipients have been chosen because they highlight the exceptional sporting and coaching talent that exists within the Bay of Plenty.

“These scholarships demonstrate an appreciation for the hard work, commitment and dedication that these athletes and coaches give to their sport and communities.”

Click here to view the second round of recipients receiving the 2016-2017 BayTrust Athlete and Coach Schoalrships.

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