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Are you an encourager?

Thursday, June 13, 2019

February is a great month at Sport Bay of Plenty - traditionally known as Bike Month we facilitate a popular workplace initiative called the Aotearoa Bike Challenge - or ABC. Why is it so cool?

In the lead up and throughout February loads of workmates get on their bikes to get active, have fun and in some cases…try something new! For some its easy. Those that are already active or seasoned riders just jump on and away they go. For others, it takes some confidence and someone to encourage and support them to give it a go.

Staff on bikes

Are you an encourager?
Encouragers come in many ways… there are ‘organisers’ - the ones that send all staff emails about the group ride at lunchtime and make the opportunities happen. There are the ‘supporters’ – those that can see others could do with a quiet word of support to get them along. Also, the ‘cheerleaders’ – those that challenge and bribe their workmates to get involved… all these types of encouragers are important to get people active in the workplace, and to find some balance to ensure we all gain the benefits of being active.

The benefits of being active
But, now it is June (and a bit colder!) What other ways can we encourage our workmates to get active…and why? Better overall health, better self-esteem, more energy and productivity, and better weight management MOH 2012 are well known and those in sedentary work environments need to move throughout the day to offset the risks of long-term conditions. But sometimes, in the hustle and bustle of getting the work done, the priority on doing something active during the day slips. So, let’s make it easy.

What can you do?
Sport BOP has a collection of options to get you and your workmates active – taken from the annual Cooney Lees Morgan Workplace Challenge – here are some activities that work indoors through inclement weather. Other options are to incorporate walking meetings into the organisation, ride or scooter to external meetings instead of driving, or challenge another organisation to a game of touch at the local park.

Become the Encourager
Find the right activity to suit your workplace, set out the challenge, become the Encourager, Supporter or Cheerleader and get active! The benefits are instantly apparent as the smiles are seen and friendly banter is heard around the office.

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