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ActiveVoice: We're all in this together

Tuesday, March 28, 2017


Saturday morning, the alarm goes off early. Parents get their children out of bed, fed, dressed, boots and uniforms packed, into the car and off to their local sports club.

By 8.30am our region is a hive of activity, with community sports taking place all-weekend long, rain or shine. Thousands of participants are out there doing the best they can, achieving personal goals and enjoying themselves.

Spectators cheer loud and proud, and the smell of barbecue floats through the air from the local club’s sausage sizzle. It is all brought together when the final whistle blows – no matter what has occurred during a game, players shake hands and acknowledge the efforts of one another.

We all know how important community sport is to our region – it is clearly visible when you see sports fields, parks, pools and indoor facilities utilised to capacity. So what is it that makes sport so important to the Bay of Plenty’s identity? What motivates a volunteer to give up their precious time and dedicate hours to ensure their club continues to operate and succeed? What drives a player to get out there, rain or shine, and give their all?

Passion! No matter what, passion can be seen in all sports throughout the region and it is through this passion for community sport that our local communities are brought together. Plus, without sport at a grassroots level, we would not see success on a national or international stage.

Local clubs and their volunteers are the most important aspect to the success or failure of community sport and as an organisation, Sport Bay of Plenty recognises this.

We offer support to build club capability and sustainability, to ensure clubs have the skills and knowledge to best provide ongoing sporting opportunities for the community.

Through workshops held in Western, Central and Eastern Bay of Plenty, clubs have a chance to gain insights into a wide range of areas which are all part of a functioning club.

From starting out fresh to funding, planning, health and safety, governance, volunteer management and more, Sport Bay of Plenty can provide the support you may need and tailor it to suit your club.

Keep an eye on our website in the coming weeks to find dates for 2017 workshops, and in the meantime, if you or your club needs support, please email me on

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